Photo by Naassom Azevedo on Unsplash

If Medium is relational now, why is it so hard to find writers to build relationships with?

The platform is great for two kinds of writers:

  • brand new writers learning the craft, and who benefit a lot from a communities like Illumination and its clones
  • full-time writers who already have 10k+ followers, a Substack newsletter, a consulting business, some Kindle books, and a “brand”

Where are my fellow long-time hobbyists? The Joan Didion fans? The folks who spend time deciding whether to use “cut” or “slice” in a sentence, but who also rock a day job and don’t really need to monetize this thing? People who are in this to make friends and comment on each other’s life stories? The algorithm isn’t helping me find you, so hit me up in the comments if this is you—let’s make Medium relational.

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