Yes, you should definitely have empathy for everybody and keep a diverse friend group (age included). I love working with Gen Z colleagues, and I have plenty of boomer friends! But I think there's nuance between "victim mindset" and "recognizing that systemic problems must be fixed with collective action and cannot be addressed individually." Some people in our generation have a victim mindset, but most are just being honest about the situation we're in. During Covid, we sacrificed the mental health of children to protect the physical health of old people. We spend $1 on children for every $7 we spend on boomers. There's real problems that need to be addressed. Yes, we should take leadership, and many are, but we should recognize the systemic barriers in place to millennials doing so. (How can you lead when you're stuck at home with a toddler working on Zoom full time to pay insane rent costs? etc.)

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